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Wiki-Systems - How the Web was originally intended

Tim Berners-Lee had a creative space in mind as he invented the World Wide Web. Everyone should be enabled to sent and receive informations and have access to knowledge by linking and decentralisation.
With the advent of wiki-systems his vision become reality. Users now can easily create and share content with each other via a regular browser.

Wikis for Enterprises

The ability to quickly share knowledge make Wikis to a versatile enterprises instrument. These systems are perfect to collaborative work on documents, build up a common knowledgebase or disseminate know-how. Therefore Gartner expect a broad deployment within companies:

"In 2009 half of all companies will use Wikis internally."
Gartner Research Group Study

One reason for the great popularity of Wiki systems is the simplicity how users can create and link content. Teams can easily gather Informations on a common platform and share them among each other. In todays knowledge driven society these features became essential in order to support interdisciplinary teamwork and knowledge dissemination within network communities.

Furthermore Wikis are simple and flexible documentation-tools with a variety of applications like:

  • knowledgedatabase
  • project- and minutes-management
  • personal- und skilldatabase (yellow-pages)
  • glossary for enterprises
  • qualitymanagement-documentation

Systematic solutions

Experience shows that Wikis must as carefully adopted as other systems within enterprises. The full potential of Wikis is only deployable when the new entailed philosophy gets used and convenient wiki applications are adopted to your specific business needs.

Therefore KontextWork has developed professional wiki solutions especially adopted to enterprises. You will benefit from over 5 years of experience in deployment of wikis within business environments.

We provide you with full service in order to successfully adopting a wiki in your organisation:

  • conceptional design and adaption of wiki systems
  • training and deployment
  • development of Wiki-Applications
  • support and maintenance