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Foswiki - The Corporate Wiki

Foswiki with its flexible plugin architecture is one of the most comprehensive Wikis existing. The System is widely used for business purpose as it allows the Development of tailor-made wiki solutions and individual applications.

Developed for corporate environment

Several functions of Foswiki are made for collaboration within companies. Via
intranet technology the System can be used across different locations. This feature
is essential for embedding external partners like suppliers, service providers and
customers into a common network. An individual access management system is
compulsory. Moreover Foswiki offers several interfaces to existing applications. This includes authorization via in-house LDAP as well as connections to external databases.

Individual applications based on the wiki framework

Foswiki is a second generation wiki system that offers the flexibility to create own
applications within the wiki framework. Structured administration of Meta data is
essential for this innovation. Now, all content can be typified and tagged with further
information. Applications for several corporate needs can by tailored very
cost-efficient on this base. Examples are:


  • Personal and skill database (Yellow-Pages)
  • Project management and documentation
  • Specialized lexicons

Flexible and expandable

There are numerous plug-ins to help expanding the features of Foswiki. Different
media like film and pictures as well as spreadsheets and mind maps can easily be
embedded. Furthermore applications to create PDF documents, charts and plots do
exist. Complete applications like photo-galleries, forums and blogs can be installed
as well. All these plug-ins can be customized. Thanks to the structure, developing and
establishing new plug-ins is easy.

Full service for Foswiki

You would like to establish a wiki-system in your business, you need support for
an existing system or are interested in individual extensions? Our company has over
8 year experience in corporate wiki systems and offers full service to customers. We
will make your Wiki project a success story and give support in a wide range of


  • Planning, implementing and customizing Foswiki
  • Deployment and Training of staff
  • Creation of Foswiki applications
  • Development of Foswiki-plugins
  • Support and service