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MediaWiki - die unternehmenseigene Enzyklopädie

Mediawiki MediaWiki is well known for being the Wiki system behind the free encyclopedia Wikipedia. Beside normal wiki functionality the system offers extensions especially for easy creating and managing articles.

Strengths in article-orientated knowledgebases

The strength of MediaWiki is based on its article-focused functionality. Content can easily be managed and interliked by a flexible category system. Organisations like to use it for build up intranets and simple managing of article-orientated knowledgebases.

Organisations which require more sophisticated applications rather choose "structured Wikis" like TWiki. These so called second generation Wikis feature the ability to build own applications based on wiki functionality.

We support you

We provide professional support for MediaWiki in the following areas:

  • advisory service of wiki potentials before implementation
  • system planning, content structuring as well as plugin and extension selection
  • customization as well as individual plugin and extension programming
  • user training and coaching after implementation