pfeilDie neue ISO 9001:2015 - Wissensmanagement wird Pflicht!

Die März-Ausgabe des Wissensmanagement-Magazins berichtet über die neue Qualitätsmanagement Norm...

pfeilBusiness Night "Social Business und Enterprise 2.0"

Am 19. November 2014 um 19 Uhr findet ein Netzwerkabend für Unternehmerinnen und Unternehmer aus...

pfeilDrupal Wiki 7.5 verfügbar

Die neue Version des erfolgreichen Enterprise Wikis ist ab sofort verfügbar und bringt viele...


GoEdit for Jira!

More than a year ago we introduced GoEdit for Confluence and simplified your work with attachments. We got great feedback, including success stories how GoEdit changed your way of working in Confluence like:

  • "I love this thing. Goodbye, WebDAV…"
  • "Awesome - it greatly simplifies the process of editing attached files!"
  • "Super product, finally we don't need sharepoint any more"
  • "GoEdit has decreased the amount of time to do a simple task 5x for all our wiki users."
  • "an astonishing plugin - for something so complex, it works beautifully and simply"

What about GoEdit for Jira?

We already got lots of feedback, that our customers like GoEdit so much, that they also want to work with GoEdit in Jira. Some put it like this:

....The first thing our users asked for almost immediately was "OMG WE WANT THE SAME THING FOR JIRA". Any plans to make a version of this for JIRA? We'd be down for an instant sale for certain…

So it´s time for the next huge step: We are going to develop GoEdit for Jira!

GoEdit is a one-click solution to edit and save every attachment in your Jira directly in your favorite desktop application. Imagine you could

  • Edit Flowcharts in Jira using Visio
  • Edit office documents in Jira for your project management
  • Use your favorite mockup tool to work with in Jira, not just Gliffy and Balsamique
  • Work on documents and share them with customers were they matter - in tasks

Your voice matters

We love customer feedback and would like to hear about your ideas. This will directly steer our development and identify what matters most for our customers.

  • What would you do with GoEdit in Jira?
  • Which workflows you like to use GoEdit in?
  • How would GoEdit improve your Jira workflow?

Just take a second and send your feedback - and hopefully save hours later!